Smoked Prime Rib, Seared Ahi and Lost Abbey!

Hello West Coast Fans,

We have 7 Lost Abbey beers on tap for this weekend as we continue with the pub’s 5th Anniversary celebrations.  We have several barrel aged beers including Cuvee de Tomme, Angel’s Share barleywine and Deliverance – a blend of Brandy Barrel Aged Angel’s Share and Bourbon Barrel Aged Serpernt’s Stout.  Plus Road to Helles Lager and Red Barn Saison.  To balance out with a little bit (or not so little bit) of hops we have Port Mongo and The Hop Concept Dank Sticky (all of which are brewed at Port/Lost Abbey in San Marcos).  All of the beers are on tap right now and most should last through the weekend.

The kitchen has some very tasty food specials for today including the popular Nickel Pickel Partty Melt and the new Very Berry Turkey Salad.  I have been trying to regularly post our food specials on the Facebook page and you can check out today’s here:  The kitchen has regularly been making soup as well and today they have a Creamy Turkey and Vegetable.

This Weekend

The food specials this weekend are the real reason I felt compelled to send out another email.  The kitchen is really taking it to the next level for the holiday weekend.  Friday night we will be doing more of our Smoked Prime Rib with either baked potato or mashed potatoes with beer gravy.  This sold out last Friday so we are making more this week.  And we will be smoking a whole prime rib just to make sandwiches on Saturday during the day – I think it will be a Prime Rib French Dip.

Saturday night there will be Seared Ahi sandwiches and salads for your dining pleasure.  And then on Sunday Humberto will be making up Smoked Short Ribs.  It is going to be an amazing weekend to eat and drink at West Coast.  My best advice – hurry!

On Monday the 20th we will not be tapping Russian River Blind Pig IPA.  The keg did not make it on the truck to San Diego from the brewery. It has since been sent down, but it currently is in LA awaiting transfer to San Diego.  We will get it delivered some time next week and then once it finally shows up we will figure out a time to tap it.  I will certainly post on Facebook/Twitter when it will be tapped.  The good news – we will be opening at Noon on Monday and serving up $3 Tacos, 50 cent wings and $12 craft beer pitchers all day long.

Looking Ahead

Next week we will be hosting a Societe Brewing tap takeover.  I do not have the beer list yet, but we are working on it.  I expect to have at least 6 Societe beers on tap for Thursday the 23rd with maybe a few more showing up on tap for the weekend.

Thursday, March 2nd we will be tapping Benchmark’s Hildegard Triple IPA at 5 pm along with 1 or 2 other Benchmark beers.  We also have a keg of Benchmark Hop Chunks Double IPA that will be on tap soon.

We have lots of other great beers to tap over the next few weeks including Nolbe Ale Works Citra Showers and Nose Candy IPA, Thorn Street Brother Scotty Triple IPA and more goodness from Kern in form of Citra Double IPA.  Just expect lots of great beers on tap every time you walk in the door.

And finally, I will end the email with Bacon.  Monday and Tuesday the 27th and 28th we will be debuting Birthday Bacon Tacos for our taco special.  Birthday Bacon is whole slab bacon that we smoke and then cook up in steak like chunks.  It is pure decadence and oh so tasty.  It will change the way you think about bacon.  It might not save the world, but it probably could.

That is your good beer news for now.  Please share this with your friends and neighbors that might like it.  We’ll see you soon for a great Lost Abbey beer and something tasty from the smoker.  Cheers, Tom

5th Anniversary Celebration with Kern, Lost Abbey, Societe and More!

Hello West Coast Fans!

February is the pub’s 5th Anniversary and we have an entire month of special events planned.  We will be tapping beers from some of Larry’s (and mine) favorite breweries – Kern River, Lost Abbey, Societe Nickel and Firestone.  We also have some specialty beers that Larry had hidden in the cold box that will be going on tap this week.  And we continue with more new food specials and salads including Smoked Prime Rib and Duck.  Here are all of the details….

We started the month with six different Kern River Brewing beers and they are all still on tap.  We have the always popular Just Outstanding IPA plus Shuttle Bunny Double IPA, Gravity Check Session IPA, Dirty Hippie Imperial Red, River Buddy Pale and Class V Stout.

This Week

This week we have a very special line up of strong and barrel aged beers that Larry had ordered and set aside for a special occasion (and I think the 5th Anniversary is a very special occasion).  We will begin tapping these beers today, Wednesday the 8th, when we open with AleSmith Ethiopian Mokasida Coffee Speedway Stout.  Thursday we will tap one of Larry’s all time favorite dark beers, Firestone Parabola.  Friday look for Lost Abbey Angel’s Share Barleywine.  By Saturday we will have kegs of Nickel Larry’s Place IPA, Thorn Street’s Father Larry’s Rye Double IPA and Green Flash Lustrous Frumento with Coffee (this is the beer most of us would think of as Silva Stout).

There will be something to enjoy each night with all of the beers on tap by Saturday afternoon.  We’ll bringing out something special to hang up at the pub in honor of Larry around 4 pm on Saturday.

Friday night our kitchen manager Humberto will be cooking up some amazing new food specials.  Starting at 5 pm on Friday we will be serving up Smoked Prime Rib with either Baked or Mashed Potatoes and beer gravy.  He will also be doing a Smoked Duck Breast Salad.  Humberto cooks duck for many of our beer dinners at O’Brien’s and he always does an incredible job cooking it just right.  Humberto is hoping to run a Prime Rib sandwich special on Saturday as well.

Looking Ahead

Next weekend we will host a tap takeover with Lost Abbey.  We will have some great hoppy beers like Hop Concept Dank and Sticky and Mongo IPA along with amazing specialty beers like Deliverance (blend of Bourbon Barrel Serpents Stout and Brandy Barrel Ange’ls Share), Cuvee de Tomme and Angel’s Share Barrel Aged Barleywine.  Look for Red Barn Saison and Road to Helles Lager on tap as well.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page at: for updates on next weekend’s fantastic food specials.

We will be opening at Noon on Monday the 20th for the President’s Day holiday.  To make it really feel like a holiday we will have 50 cent wings, $3 Tacos and craft beer pitchers starting at just $12 all day long.  And if that is not enough to tempt you, we will be putting on a keg of Russian River Blind Pig IPA when we open.  The brewery sent this down for the anniversary to honor Larry.  Truly some Presidential specials.

The final weekend of the month we will be tapping beers from our friends at Societe.  Look for a full line up of beers with an emphasis on hops but with a few Belgian inspired beers and something dark.  We have not finalized the tap list yet – but I will have the details in the next email.

That is your West Coast news for now.  We hope to see you this month to celebrate 5 years of great food, beer and people and hopefully many more to come.  Cheers, Tom

Football, Bear Republic and IPAs for Larry.

Hello West Coast Fans!

We have a bunch of great beers coming up over the next few weeks and next month we celebrate 5 years of great food and beer.  Tonight we are tapping the new Kern River Winter Double IPA at 4 pm for the NCAA College Football Playoff Championship.  Alabama takes on Clemson at 5:15 pm and we’ll have 50 cent wings, $3 Tacos and pitchers starting at just $12 for the game.  And kegs of Societe Coachman IPA and Karl Strauss Mosaic Pale just got tapped as well.

This Week

The kitchen has been cranking out some great new food specials along with some new salads and appetizers so be sure to check out the specials board on your way into the pub.  I am going to try and post more of the food specials on our Facebook page to tempt you into stopping by.  I am also working on finally getting the website’s beer list updated and regularly maintained.  All of our regular weekly specials including all day Happy Hour on Wednesday can be found on our website at:

On Thursday the 12th we will start a Bear Republic Weekend with 6 beers on tap including a nice load of hoppy beers.  We’ll have the classic Racer 5 IPA along with Red Racer, Pit Master’s Pride Smoked Lager, Tartare Berliner Weisse, Hop Shovel IPA and Rebellion IPA with Hallertau Blanc hops.  A few of these I have had and know they are great.  Others like the Pit Master’s Pride – which should pair beautifully with our smoked BBQ – and the Rebellion IPA with Hallertau Blanc I have not had and am very much looking forward to trying.

All of the Bear Republic beers are coming in full size kegs except the Tartare Berliner Weisse so stop by any time this weekend to enjoy these great beers.

Over the weekend we will have the NFL playoffs on TV.  Saturday we get Seahawks v. Falcons at 1:35 pm and then its Texans v. Patriots at 5:15 pm.  Sunday the Steelers v. Chiefs game will be on when we open at 11:30 am.  Sunday afternoon its Cowboys v. Packers at 1:40 pm.  We’ll be serving up $6 Pulled Pork Nachos at craft pitchers starting at $14 on Sunday.  The conference playoffs will both be on Sunday the 22nd.

Starting with Monday the 16th we are going to start opening at 2 pm on Mondays from now on.  Hopefully in the near future we will be open for lunch every day of the week.

IPAs for Larry

Thursday the 19th we will have a special night of IPAs brewed in honor of Larry Koger who passed away last month and was West Coast’s founder.  Thorn Street brewed Father Larry’s Rye IPA and Nickel Beer did Larry’s Place IPA.  Both beers will be on tap by 4 pm along with a selection of other Thorn Street beers.  We have not set the tap list yet, so watch the Facebook page at: for updates.

Looking Ahead

We have a keg of Almanac Blackberry Sour to tap on Thursday the 26th.  I recently tasted through several of the Almanac fruit sours and this was my favorite.  Hopefully you will agree that it is a great beer.

I am starting to plan out the events for the 5th Anniversary in February.  It looks like we will start with a Kern River Weekend with at least 4 beers on tap including Gravity Check Session IPA, River Buddy Pale, Dirty Hippie Strong Red and Shuttle Bunny Double IPA.  We plan to tap all of the beers on Thursday the 2nd and have them on tap all weekend.

We will be showing the Superbowl on Sunday the 5th and to make things festive we will be doing all day Happy Hour pricing on the beers and serving up 50 cent wings from 2 pm until close.  The game will kick off around 3:30 pm.

The Anniversary weekend will be Thursday the 9th thru Sunday the 12th.  We have some great specialty beers to tap and we will be putting on a new beer each of the four days.  Larry had already saved back some very tasty treats including Firestone Parabola, Green Flash Silva Stout and a specialty keg of AleSmith Speedway Stout (do you see a pattern here in Larry’s beer choices?).  I will have full details in the next email.

The following weekend – which is the President’s Day holiday weekend – I am working with Tomme Arthur to plan a Lost Abbey tap takeover as it was one of Larry’s favorite breweries.  It should be a full month of great events at the pub.

That does it for now.  Thank you for all of your support during our ownership transition – Lindsey, myself and the staff truly appreciate it.  We look forward to seeing you soon for great food and beer.  Cheers, Tom

West Coast Holiday Hours and Upcoming Beers

Hello West Coast Patrons,

I have updates on our hours over the holidays along with some upcoming beers to look forward to.

The pub will be open normal hours today, Friday the 23rd.  We will then be closed Saturday and Sunday, December 24th and 25th.  West Coast will be opening early at Noon on Monday the 26th with a full day of college football bowl games.  In fact, there will pretty much be college football bowl games all week.

From Tuesday the 27th to Friday the 30th the pub will be open normal hours.  We will close just a little bit early on the 31st – 8:30 pm in the kitchen and 9 pm for the pub.  New Year’s Day we will be open normal hours and showing what I sincerely hope is not the final San Diego Chargers game.  The Bolts take on the Chiefs at 1:25 pm in the season finale having hopefully not allowed a win to Cleveland the week before.

We will be opening up early on Monday the 2nd as well – we are just finalizing plans as to when as we work with the staff for scheduling.  Right now, the plan is to open no later than 2 pm so that we can show the Rose Bowl between #9 USC and #5 Penn State that kicks off at 2 pm.  At 5:30 pm on the 2nd the Sugar Bowl will pit #14 Auburn v. #7 Oklahoma.

Beers and Bowls

We just tapped several great Rip Current beers last night including Java Storm Imperial Stout and Vanilla Storm Imperial Stout.  These coffee and vanilla versions of this fantastic stout are very different but both very tasty.  Knee Deep’s Breaking Bud just returned to the tap line up and look for Alpine Duet IPA to be on tap soon.

Next week we will have a few kegs from our friends at Kern River Brewing.  The JO (Just Outstanding) IPA and Shuttle Bunny Double IPA will both hit the taps on Thursday the 29th so that you can enjoy them through the weekend.  There will not be any NFL on the 29th, but we will get #12 Oklahoma State v. #10 Colorado in the Alamo Bowl at 6 pm.

Saturday the 31st is the College Football Playoff Semi-Final games.  At Noon it will be #4 Washington facing #1 Alabama in the Peach Bowl.  Then at 4 pm #3 Ohio State takes on #2 Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl.  The National Championship Game will be Monday, January 9th at 5 pm – nice how it just happens to be during our Pitcher, Wing and Taco night special, huh?

We have already started to plan some events for 2017.  Thursday, January 12th we will host a Bear Republic Night at the pub.  And we have several kegs stashed away for the pub’s 5th Anniversary in February.

Sad News

As many of you already know, West Coast Barbecue and Brew owner Larry Koger passed away last week from heart complications.  Everyone at the pub has been hit hard by the news but all are determined to keep the business going and moving forward.  Larry was the nicest person you could hope to meet.  And his child-like enthusiasm for good beer was always contagious.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this time of mourning.  He will be greatly missed.

In the short term, my wife Lindsey and I will be running the pub.  We own O’Brien’s Pub and Nickel Beer Company and we had a small stake in West Coast as we helped Larry open the place in 2012 and install the taps.  There will be changes in the year ahead, but we hope to honor Larry’s vision of West Coast as a great place to eat and drink among friends.

This past week I brewed Larry’s Place IPA both in honor of Larry and for the upcoming anniversary.  I made the beer for the 4th Anniversary and I had already talked to Larry about brewing it again for 2017.  It felt right to get it in the tank as soon as possible and I hope to have kegs down to the pub in early January.

I am sorry to leave you on such sad news, but please raise a glass to Larry and a life well lived.

Tom Nickel
West Coast Barbecue and Brew